International Academic Salon Session III on Widely-concerned Academic Achievements focuses on multi-agent game optimization and intelligent control


On June 20, 2021, the international academic salon session III on widely-concerned academic achievements & symposium on multi-agent game optimization and intelligent control took place successfully at Beihang University. Author of Beijing widely-concerned academic achievements and professor with Beihang University Dong Xiwang, research fellow with CAS Institute of Automation and associate professor with Tsinghua University He Xiao and associate professor with Tsinghua University Li Li jointly masterminded this salon, while over 200 representatives from universities, institutes and companies in the fields of multi-agent game optimization and intelligent control worldwide participated in discussions and interactions either online or offline. 

Before the commencement of the salon, four authors of widely-concerned academic achievements including professor Dong Xiwang engaged in discussions about promoting international academic exchange and serving the construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center with many famous domestic and overseas experts and scholars such as Chen Benmei, professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong/National University of Singapore and IEEE Fellow, Cao Ming, professor with University Of Groningen and Vice President of Technical Committee on Complex Systems of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), Prof. Lv Jinhu, Dean of Beihang University School of Automation and Vice President of Beihang University Academy of Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Fellow and Chairman of IEEE IES Beijing Chapter and Prof. Wen Xiao, Vice President of Beihang University Academy of Artificial Intelligence. Member of Leading Party Members’ Groug, Vice President and Class-1 inspector of BAST Tian Wen, Vice President of Beijing Association of Automation Dai Yaping, director of Beijing Science and Technology Center for International Cooperation Su Guomin and deputy director Lu Xiaopeng participated in the discussions. 

Tian Wen mentioned that widely-concerned academic achievements are selected through the new form of “discovery” and are generally recognized by peers. BAST encourages and supports widely-concerned academic achievements and their authors to go global and attract more understanding and attention of international peers, as BAST is willing to provide more support and higher platforms for sci-tech workers to engage in academic exchange and cooperation worldwide by expanding cooperation with international academic organizations, among others. 

8 scholars, namely, Prof. Chen Benmei with the Chinese University of Hong Kong/National University of Singapore, Prof. Cao Ming with University Of Groningen, Prof. Hu Guoqiang with Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Sun Jian with Beijing Institute of Technology, Prof. Yu Wenwu with Southeast University, Prof. Han Honggui with Beijing University of Technology and assistant professor Huang Gao with Tsinghua University, delivered specially-invited subject-matter reports titled “Collaboration and anti-collision control of actuator-constrained heterogeneous multi-agent system”, “Co-evolution of decision-making and opinion dynamics in complex networks”, “Distributed Optimization and Nash Equilibrium Seeking via Gradient-Free Approaches”, “Progress of networked system security control research”, “intelligent traffic dispatching research based on swarm intelligence”, multi-objective collaborative optimization control of urban sewage treatment process” and “Dynamic Deep Neural Networks” respectively. Participating delegates online and offline engaged in extensive and deep discussions surrounding the report contents, exchanging opinions and discussing cooperation possibilities about difficulties with multi-agent game optimization and control under the background of new-generation AI as well as future possible research hotspots.  

The international academic salon series on widely-concerned academic achievements is one of the innovative attempts of BAST in the starting year of the “14th five-year” plan period, intended to support speakers of widely-concerned academic achievements to engage in deep communications and discussions with foreign peers in the form of academic group about the cutting-edge scientific issues and international project cooperation, leverage the role of international academic organizations as platforms, deepen the understanding of young scientist groups in Beijing by the international academic community and jointly devote themselves to advancing the development of science and technology. 

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