2021 Beijing Widely Concerned Academic Achievements Symposium Session on New Energy and New Materials held successfully at Huairou Science City


In order to support eh construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center and fully leverage the role of academic exchange in promoting original innovation and fueling the professional and personal growth of sci-tech workers, on June 9, sponsored by Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Huairou District People’s Government and Huairou Science City Management Committee, co-organized by the organization department of CPC Beijing Huairou District Committee, Huairou District Association for Science and Technology, Beijing ZGC Weina Energy Investment Co., Ltd, CAS Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Beijing Chemical Society and Beijing Service Center for Science and Technology Societies, the “2021 Beijing Widely-concerned Academic Achievements Symposium at Huairou Science City—New Energy and New Materials” was held successfully at CAS Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems in Huairou Science City. As part of the “national sci-tech workers day” series events conducted in Huairou District, this event offered a wonderful scientific and technological feast to sci-tech workers in Huairou District.  

The symposium was hosted by Vice President of Huairou District Association for Science and Technology Hu Yanchun and Vice Secretary General of Beijing Chemical Society Li Huifeng. Member of Party Working Committee of Huairou Science City and Deputy Director of Huairou Science City Management Committee Wu Jianmin and member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of Beijing Association for Science and Technology Meng Fanxing attended the conference and delivered speeches.  

Wu Jianmin introduced the construction and development of Huairou Science City, saying that Huairou Science City is making every effort to create enabling vibes for scientific and technological innovation and attract high-level strategic scientists, leading talent and innovative talent to Huairou. The Beijing widely-concerned academic achievements symposium brings high-quality scientific and technological achievements to Huairou Science City and creates an open, integrative and international academic ecosystem through academic exchange. 

Meng Fanxing said that academic exchange is the soil for sci-tech innovation and interactive exchanges help truly better leverage the role of academic exchange and academic exchange must precisely fit into the real growth needs of sci-tech workers. The symposium brings high-quality academic achievements into the public view by means of exchange and draws attention of sci-tech workers in different disciplines, industries and fields, thus creating conditions for subsequent more extensive and deeper exchanges. 

At the conference, BAST presented “Certificate of Selection as Beijing Widely-concerned Academic Achievements” to creators of “widely-concerned academic achievements” and their representatives, thanking them for important contributions made to the field of new energy and new materials. 

Four academic speakers, i.e., Guo Shaojun, Boya distinguished professor of Peking University and recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund, Pan Caofeng, research fellow with CAS Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems and doctoral supervisor, Wen Xiaodong, research fellow with CAS Institute of Coal Chemistry and doctoral supervisor, and Zhang Qianqian, professor with Beijing University of Technology and doctoral supervisor, delivered onsite presentations titled “fuel battery and critical materials of hydrogen energy”, “Piezoelectric electronics and touch electronics of ZnO nanowires”, “fundamental research of iron-based metastable catalytic materials” and “nano-channel diaphragm regulates ion transmission to boost electrochemical energy components” respectively. 

Speakers make presentations onsite

Qu Liangti, professor with Tsinghua University and recipient of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Yan Dongpeng, professor with Beijing Normal University and doctoral supervisor, Zhang Qiang, long-term professor with Tsinghua University and doctoral supervisor, and President of ZGC Tianhe Technology Transformation Center Engineering Academy Zhu Xiduo engaged in deep communication and interaction with each speaker, as well as audiences both onsite and online. 

Discussing guests and onsite guests interact and communicate with speakers. 

Nearly 100 persons including experts and representatives from CAS Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, CAS Institute of Coal Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Technology, tech companies, investment institutions, commercial banks and industrial service platforms, as well as professors in related fields and active postgraduates gathered together to discuss in depth about current bottlenecks and barriers to the field of new energy and new materials, academic achievements and application scenarios. 

This symposium attracted active involvement of university teachers and students and sci-tech workers of companies and scientific research institutes, broadcast live by live streaming platforms such as BAST Channel and www.chinaso.com, with online clicks exceeding 1 million. 

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