BAST holds a ceremony to present commemorative medals “50 Years as CPC Members”


On June 21, 2021, at the inaugural ceremony of the Party School of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, BAST held a ceremony grandly to present commemorative medals “50 years as CPC members”. Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST Ma Lin presented commemorative medals and flowers to 12 veteran Party member representatives in turn, making veteran Party members to deeply feel the care and warmth from the CPC Central Committee centered on Xi Jinping. The ceremony was hosted by Tian Wen, member of Leading Party Members’ Group, Vice President and class-1 inspector of BAST. 

Ma Lin extended great respect to veteran Party members receiving the commemorative medals. He said that, at the important moment of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC and at the grand occasion of the founding of BAST Party School, presenting commemorative medals to veteran Party members of BAST and having them witness the founding of the Party School is of particular significance. For five decades, medal recipients stayed true to their original aspirations and delivered on their commitments regardless of hardships. Veteran Party members bear the magnificent history of revolution, history of hard work and history of reforms of the Party, and reflect the unremitting revolutionary aspirations, dedication to ideals and faith and unparalleled loyalty of CPC members to the Party and people. We are expected to learn from veteran Party members, always stick to the ideals and beliefs, remember the oath for joining the Party, keep up glorious tradition, live up to our commitments, do our jobs to high standards in the best interests of the nation, accomplish missions conferred by the Party and people and work harder for greater success of BAST’s undertakings on the new platform. 

There are a total of 37 recipients of the commemorative medals at BAST, of which the longest-serving Party member has a service history of 73 years. Veteran Party members look energetic and vigorous with heavy commemorative metals hung in the front of their chests, allowing everyone onside to feel their heartfelt joy and honor. All veteran Party members noted that the centennial history of CPC fully proved the greatness, glory and rightness of the Party and only by following the leadership of CPC can China have hopes, the nation have strengths and the people live happily forever. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC, presenting commemorative medals to veteran Party members represents both highest honor and inspirations and motivations, meaning that we must cherish honors, stay true to the original aspirations, bear the mission in mind, always listen to the calling of the Party, follow the Party and continue contributing to the cause of the Party. 

A small commemorative model means a great honor to veteran Party members, even more as a hard-won spiritual baptism to all Party members of CAST organization. Party members and cadres at the award ceremony all vowed to inherit the legacy of their predecessors and always bear in mind their oath when joining the Party and always remember the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, pass on the glorious tradition and fine work style of the Party from generation to generation and spend their entire lives adding glories to the Party flag, in the face of the glorious mission of starting a new journey and striving for a new era, in the capacity of a honorable Party member. 

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