Engineer Career Rebirth Program Special in Changping District & National Sci-tech Workers Day take place in Beijing


On June 10, “Engineer Career Rebirth Program” special in Changping District & “National Sci-tech Workers Day” event took place in Beijing. The event was sponsored by Changping District Association for Science and Technology, organized by Beijing Institute of Engineers and Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center, and co-organized by Changping Xinyuan Science Park Management Committee and Zhongguancun Talent Association. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST and Executive Vice President of BIE Meng Fanxing, director of Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center and Secretary General of BIE Xu Wei, and President of Changping District Association for Science and Technology Li Xuehong attended the event. 160 representatives from related tech companies in Changping District participated in the offline training part of this event, with 152,800 views of online live streaming of this event.

Meng Fanxing pointed out in his speech that Changping District is an important part of Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone’s Sci-tech Innovation Area and holding the first session of “Engineer Career Rebirth Program” of 2021 in Changping District has great significance. BAST entities at all levels and BIE are expected to deeply implement the spirit of speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 10th national congress of CAST, better serve scientists and technologists and build service platforms for career growth of engineers. Meanwhile, he raised three-point expectations for the implementation of the “Engineer Career Rebirth Program” as follows: firstly, remain oriented towards issues and focus on education as the theme; secondly, leverage the synergistic advantages and deepen practice; thirdly, conduct convergent training and build communication platforms.  

The implementation of the “Engineer Career Rebirth Program” took place when Beijing’s “14th five-year” plan and “Implementation Plan for Accelerating Construction of a Global Benchmark City of Digital Economy” were released. In order to resolve the “996” and midlife crisis facing engineers, at the “practice classroom” session as liberal education, Executive Vice President of School of Economics of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Gao Wenshu, director of Department of Human Resources of Beijing City University Wang Aimin and Executive Vice Secretary General of Terrace Industry Chapter of China Building Materials Federation Lv Yanping were invited to elaborately design a range of themes such as digital economy empowering industry development, science and technology leadership improvement and engineer career development.

Gao Wenshu systematically reviewed the development situation and pattern of digital economy, opportunities and challenges of digital industrialization and of industrialized digitalization and policy suggestions on response to digitalization. Wang Aimin elaborated what leadership is, what technological leadership is, working mode of technological leaders, how to create high-performance teams and career progression of technological leaders from the perspective of “technological leadership improvement of innovation-driven enterprise development”. Lv Yanping proposed that career panning is both the essential skill and primary skill for workplace survival and development from the perspectives of growth and career development of engineers, under the title “growth and career development of engineers”.

The “practice classroom” session at afternoon highlighted the principle of “one solution per park”, with Guo Zhitao, advisor of digital transformation to Jiangsu Province, the first domestic proposer of industrial brain theory and President of Industics Research Institute of Industrial System, invited to deliver a subject-matter training session regarding “optimizing enterprise process management and driving orderly and efficient execution of trivial production management” in response to needs raised by companies in the preliminary surveys. Trainees from companies in Changping Xinyuan Science Park actively interacted with experts surrounding real-life problems and issues faced by companies in production management. Meanwhile, in response to the needs identified by Park companies for talent introduction, talent matchmaking session was conducted to further expand the channel of communication between companies and talented people and enhance the communication and interaction between two sides

The event received positive feedback from trainees and lecturing experts. Trainee Jia Jun, chief engineer of Beijing Golden River Water Resources & Hydropower Construction Group Co., Ltd, said frankly that “this engineer career rebirth program is more targeted than he expected, especially in that Gao Wenshu’s lecture on “digital economy empowering industry development” exactly fit into the ongoing industrial digitalization drive of his company and helped him sort out his train of thoughts. Moreover, he also led some technologists of his company who are facing the “midlife crisis” to attend this event in hopes that this event could help them broaden their scope of mind in terms of professional and management capabilities and allow them to survive the bottleneck period.”

Trainee Li Qi, who is senior engineer and executive vice president of Beijing Yanke Science and Technology Incubator Co., Ltd, said this event took place at the right time, especially by helping young sci-tech workers find some directions in the face of real-life problems such as “midlife crisis” and “996” social phenomenon. She expected this event to beef up publicity efforts to get more sci-tech workers involved.

In addition, Gao Wenshu, as a member of the lecturer team, also believes the engineer career rebirth program is very necessary. Engineers and technicians need not only to focus on technology but also improve their leadership, broaden their scope of knowledge and become more capable to deal with complicated problems. This event happened to provide them with an opportunity to help them walk out of their fields of specialty, broaden their scope of knowledge and improve their managerial skills. ,

This special session of “engineer career rebirth program” in Changping District, as a key event of the 5th “national sci-tech workers day” designed to respond to the actual development deeds of companies in Changping District science parks, focused on real-life problems faced by Park companies in transformative development and talent growth, and created a closed-loop system for career rebirth of sci-tech workers and helped companies build up their occupational environments through liberal education, ad-hoc training and onsite coaching. 

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