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International Competition of Autonomous Running Intelligent Robots



Launched in 2019, the International Competition of Autonomous Running Intelligent Robots is hosted by Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), and organized by Beijing Institute of Electronics (BIE), Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University (IME, THU), Beijing Science and Technology Center for International Cooperation, and Beijing Service Center for Science and Technology Societies. Among the high level robot competitions, the International Competition of Autonomous Running Intelligent Robots filled the void in the field of the international autonomous intelligent robots competition and has caught great attention since it was first held. The first competition attracted totally 33 delegations from the well-known universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea and China.



Autonomous running intelligent robots, presenting in a form of higher autonomy, generate intelligent decisions, perform behaviors and form intelligent thinking autonomously in the light of given circumstances without relying on the empirical knowledge. The core of this competition, therefore, lies in motivating the competitors to make robots smarter via software tuning. Held annually in Beijing, the science event consists of standard competition, free demonstration, simulations competition, individual event and challenge competition, where robots will detect surroundings, make decisions, and accomplish assigned tasks autonomously by their algorithm.


The International Competition of Autonomous Running Intelligent Robot plays a role of an exchange platform for industry partners, universities, and research institutes at home and abroad regarding artificial intelligence robots. It will boost the integrated development and innovation of intelligent algorithm and auto control. Meanwhile, it will also help discover and cultivate the talents in the field of artificial intelligence robotics.





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