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Huai Jinpeng and Sui Zhenjiang Investigated the 10th Beijing Science Carnival


In the morning of September 21, 2020, Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the CPC Party Group, Executive Vice Chairman and First Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, Sui Zhenjiang, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality, Meng Qinghai, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, and other leaders visited Beijing Science Center for investigation of the 10th Beijing Science Carnival. Ma Lin, Secretary of the CPC Party Group of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, and Sima Hong, Executive Vice Chairman of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, accompanied the investigation.



Huai Jinpeng and his accompanying persons first came to the "Three Lives" main exhibition hall, watched the theme report film named Building a New Business Card of "Capital Science Popularization", Promoting the New Development by "Two Wings Flying Together", listened to the reports on the activities of Beijing Science Carnival, Beijing Cloud Science Carnival, Joint Action of Capital Science Popularization, and Capital Science Popularization Sign-in Activity, and made a on-site connection with Curator Wang Yuan, who was giving a report on science popularization in Ancient Vertebrate Museum of China, for interactive communication.



Huai Jinpeng and his accompanying persons came to the concrete mathematics exhibition, which was the exhibition and teaching area of thinking training independently developed by Beijing Science Center. In this exhibition, 111 exhibition and teaching aids of Beijing Mobile Science Center were classified and combined, and the scientific thinking methods contained in them were refined to organize thinking method training and cultivate young people's logical thinking ability. Huai Jinpeng spoke highly of the concept of exhibition combined with teaching.



During the visit to Beijing Research Institute of Science & Technology Education Innovation, Huai Jinpeng had a cordial exchange with Lin Qun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was recording a lecture named "Academicians and Experts Talking About Science" and expressed his gratitude to the experts for their contributions to the work of mathematical science popularization. Later, Huai Jinpeng exchanged views with Wei Hongxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Luo Bin, President of Haidian Teachers Training College, who participated in the "seminar on refining scientific thinking methods". He fully confirmed the focus on the application of scientific thinking and methods in school teaching, giving full play to the advantages of basic discipline education resources in the capital region, organizing experts and professors to teach and to conduct research in disciplinary thinking and disciplinary approaches, and bringing the research results into the schools and the classrooms. He also required to strengthen the experience summary and spread the experience results to the whole country so as to benefit more children.


At last, Huai Jinpeng and his accompanying persons visited the exhibition of capital scientific and technological innovation achievements, which was centered on COVID-19, the present hot issue of public health, with the theme of the "Game of Human against Infectious Diseases". In the exhibition, 43 innovation achievements were selected and the mode of combination of exhibition and teaching was adopted to explain the scientific principles and thinking methods behind the epidemic prevention and control knowledge, show the new technologies and new achievements of fighting against "epidemic" by science and technology in the modern time, carrying forward the spirit of scientists of patriotic innovation, realistic dedication and collaborative education, and guide and cultivate the public not only to "appreciate innovation", but also to "learn innovation", that is, to learn innovative methods, innovative thinking and innovative spirit. Huai Jinpeng gave a good appraisal on the exhibition and demanded that the scientific epidemic prevention ideas and methods conveyed by the exhibition should be extended to a wider area and a wider scope.

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