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Annual Meeting of Beijing Global Network of Science Festivals



Sponsored by Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), Beijing International Science Festival Round-table Conference(BISFRC) has been held successfully for 7 sessions by now. The past conferences reached a consensus on the commitment to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win-win situation in the framework of the Roundtable Conference among more than 50 science communication institutions.



In addition to the annual meeting and sub-forum, we exchange resources and information with the related international science organizations by mutual visits, video-conference and periodical publication so as to promote cooperation in areas ranging from the sharing of popular science resource, research on concept of science popularization, science popularization information construction, and popular science brand promotion.



On 17 September 2018, Beijing Global Network of Science Festivals was formally established during Beijing International Science Festival Round-table Conference. Mr. Ma Lin, Executive Deputy President of BAST, was elected as the first President of the BGNSF. At present, 28 institutions from 20 countries have joined BGNSF.



BGNSF aims to enhance international exchange and cooperation in the field of  science communication, give full play to the advantages of the science communication organizations , strengthen co-construction and  sharing of popular science resources among various countries, innovate the pattern of collaboration among the popular science organizations, and promote upgrading in the concept and practice of science popularization.



Following the principles of concertation, cooperation and development, and  adhering to  the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind, BGNSF is dedicated to promote exchanges and collaboration among the science communication organizations all over the world , discussing problems in the development of the popular science organizations, sharing science popularization resources, strengthening cooperative development, cultivating and hatching brand science events, facilitating exchange and understanding of science, technology and culture among countries, and advancing the green and sustainable development of science communication worldwide.







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